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Free EHIC Card - Apply Today

Free EHIC Card - Apply Today

European Health Insurance Card EHIC

European Health Insurance Card EHIC

Free EHIC Medical Card

European Health Insurance Card


The best place for all your travel and pre arrival requirements including where to apply and get your Free EHIC Medical Card (European Health Insurance Card).

Please note that this is a FREE medical card for European citizens and you must ensure that your EHIC medical card has not expired before your travel.  Check your EHIC expiry date and APPLY today.


Where to apply and how to apply for your FREE EHIC medical card. Don't leave home without one

The EHIC medical card is an agreement between member states of the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area).  There are various ways to apply for the EHIC card and usually takes 7 - 14 days to receive your FREE card.

The simplest way to apply for your EHIC card is by visiting the official NHS government website for the EHIC card where the on-line application is free of charge.  Apply for your EHIC card today for your total peace of mind and hassle free travel to Spain.


For further information on the European Health Insurance Card "EHIC" and a free on-line application, you can also visit the NHS Choices website.

If your EHIC card has been stolen or lost you can ring the EHIC helpline on tel: 0044 (0)300 330 13 50 or tel: 0044 (0)191 218 19 99

  • and much more, COMING SOON

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